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Shhh… I Have a Secret (about customer service)

Shhh… I Have a Secret (about customer service)

Customer service is a hot topic and can make or break your business. Consumers have little patience for lousy customer service and easily get tired of waiting in long lines, trying to get a live person on the line, going through an interrogation to return something or trying to communicate through a language barrier.

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Franchising Strategy: Add Some Compost

Franchising Strategy: Add Some Compost

In the last post we talked about the first three of the 7 specific areas you need to consider in your franchise prototype process. Here are all seven again:

1. Primary Aim
2. Strategic Objectives
3. Organizational Strategy
4. Management Strategy
5. People Strategy
6. Marketing Strategy
7. Systems Strategy

These 7 areas will fine tune your plan for the ultimate level of success. Today we are going to cover the last four.

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Use Mortar Makes it Happen with These 3 Building Blocks

Use Mortar Makes it Happen with These 3 Building Blocks

Today I’d like to talk about the three keys to business development and how you can put the right bricks in place to build a solid foundation.

There are three main areas of business development: Innovation, Quantification and Orchestration.

If done well these three areas will help you build a solid foundation for you business.

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Recognized by IBM for Excellence in Innovations for our Ecommerce Solution

Business First Mindset

We approach every project and every problem we are tasked to solve with a "Business First" Mindset.  We need to make sure the solutions we provide are effective today and will continue to be effective and help maintain a competitive advantage as we move into the future.  This requires not only a thorough understanding of the business goals and obectives but a deep understanding of the business processes, the people in the organization and the standing in the community.

If a technology solution does not make sense for a client we will say so, and provide reasons.  Our future success is tied directly to the success of our clients.  And that success means making the best decisions as regard to technology and infrastructure or the business as a whole.

Kolaco the way you want it

Because one size does not fit all we have developed several learning options for you to choose from .

One-On-One Coaching

Looking for professional help that’s affordable? I will help you increase your leads and sales, generate leads, create marketing that actually produces results, increase your revenue substantially, and position your business as the dominant force in your industry.

Group Coaching

Every week I teach you the latest, cutting-edge, lead generation/lead conversion strategies, show you exactly how to apply each strategy to your business, provide multiple case studies, and transform your business financially and professionally.

DIY Online Learning

I’ll provide you complete access to the largest collection of online resources for business owners, training videos, and proven & tested marketing strategies and templates that will make your business the obvious choice to buy from.

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