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We are about you and meeting your needs. The drive that keeps us successful is making you and your business successful.

Businesses need to focus on doing what they do well and constantly improving on it. We analyze your processes and systems from marketing, human resources, operations to technology and compare them with other companies and develop a plan to maximize profit. Technology is key in improving the top line and the bottom line, but strategic awareness of what lies outside the borders that can disrupt your business requires constant monitoring of the trends and adjusting the Corporate direction as needed. Kolaco helps you identify these outside pressures on your organization, so you can take advantage of the new opportunities, instead of becoming a victim to them.

There are two types of Companies; those that use technology to keep up with the competition and those that use technology to get a leg up on their competition. We design systems that improve employee productivity, reduce operating costs and ultimately improve the bottom line. This improved profitability can be put into R&D to put more distance between you and the competition.

Creative design services is more than just a cool logo, it is an interactive web design that correlates the on line and hard copy materials. We make sure your Trade-show booth matches your website, and brochures, business cards, etc. It is comprehensive approach to branding and marketing.

We provide comprehensive website design and development services for small to large-sized businesses. We build everything from responsive website designs for brand awareness to data-driven Web-based and ecommmerce systems. Today, over half of web page visitors come from mobile and hand held devices. Your site needs to be able to be responsive, especially if you are conducting commerce.

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