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Your Investment is Still Paying Dividends, and should continue to. You have invested in Lotus Notes and Domino to improve employee productivity, reduce costs and enhance customer support Legacy Systems Need Support Too Many Companies have invested heavily Lotus Notes applications to improve their business processes.  While IBM dropped the product HCL has taken it and continues to improve on it and has committed to continuing to support it.  The challenge is to find developers and administrators that can adequately support the applications.  Kolaco is here for you.
Kolaco and Lotus Notes and Domino Kolaco has experience managing Lotus Notes and Domino servers since version 3.3 and has created award winning web applications running on a Domino server.   Our creative approach using Notes to create secure web applications leverages the 7 layers of security and mail integration to speed up development, reduce costs and extend the life of these applications.  If you have Notes applications and need support, including upgrades or modifications and integrations, we are here for you. We currently run several Domino servers and a HCL Connections environment for our clients.  We host multiple web applications using SSL/TSL security.

If you have Notes applications the best way to leverage that investment is to convert the applications to Domino web applications.  It uses the same data bases, the same structure, the same mail routing, but incorporates the latest in HTML5 and CSS to make the applications work better, faster and cleaner.

Kolaco can support your current Notes environment both applications and servers

Kolaco can help you upgrade your Notes applications

Kolaco can troubleshoot and fix your current Notes applications

Recognized by IBM for Excellence in Innovations for our Ecommerce Solution

Business First Mindset

We approach every project and every problem we are tasked to solve with a "Business First" Mindset.  We need to make sure the solutions we provide are effective today and will continue to be effective and help maintain a competitive advantage as we move into the future.  This requires not only a thorough understanding of the business goals and obectives but a deep understanding of the business processes, the people in the organization and the standing in the community.

If a technology solution does not make sense for a client we will say so, and provide reasons.  Our future success is tied directly to the success of our clients.  And that success means making the best decisions as regard to technology and infrastructure or the business as a whole.

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