To develop a system to provide approval and routing to track the IT Service and System requests received from the various business units.

Need Identified

The Company needed a way to centralize and coordinate all system requests received and scheduled into production. These requests came from different business units, required approval and needed to be scheduled into the production environment. Approval for the change was based on the type of request, whether it was hardware (upgrades and fixes), software (upgrades and installs), application (versions and fixes) and communication requests. These requests needed to be completed using a single form, routed and triaged, routed for approval, assigned, scheduled and tracked through to completion, while documenting the entire audit trail.


Kolaco utilized its’ Change Management Framework template and customized the system to provide a simple system to track all types of changes received. These changes were organized, approved, scheduled and completed with a complete audit trail. Additionally, Kolaco provided a series of reports that allowed a quick access of all pending and completed requests, by type, date, requester, IT technician and by system.


  • Standard form in a central location for all change requests.
  • Streamlined and more organized process of tracking change requests.
  • Ability to quickly access a calendar of all change requests for impact analysis.
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