Develop a system to enable the company to manage all aspects of its software development projects allowing the tracking of milestones, reporting on progress and tracking consultants and programmers time at the task level.

Need Identified

The company needed to formalize the documentation of system design requirements, group them into milestones, create tasks, assign tasks to internal and external resources, track the time charged against these tasks and provide up-to-the-minute status reporting for all of their software development projects. Currently, the company did not have a standard process for effectively gathering requirements nor managing the implementation of these projects, and they were getting some resistance from their user community. The company needed to also link user acceptance criteria to user requirements and allow the users to record defects on-line while they were testing. Additionally, the system needed to be able to record meeting notes and have the ability to create tasks from the minutes for follow up and resolution.


We implemented a system to allow all user champions to be able to enter their requirements for technology changes based on corporate marketing campaigns and initiatives. IT Triage would review the timing of these requirements and assign them into a release schedule. The system would allow the project manager to create tasks and assign them to developers and monitor and report on the progress. Weekly meetings would be documented using the Agile process, to assure deadlines would be met and issues were identified and documented.

User test scripts, testing and defect tracking are also included in this system to assure nothing falls through the cracks.


  • On line way to manage all aspects of project definition, development, testing and follow up.
  • Integrated Meetings and Action Item tracking to facilitate the Agile process.
  • Defect Tracking and follow up.


Implementation of this system required one month of development time

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