Develop a better way to manage and access all types of files from a desktop or mobile device.

Need Identified

Users create marketing documents, receive contracts and other legal documents, receipts, tax returns, medical records, birth certificates, proposals and insurance policies. With all these paper and electronic files, there needs to be a central repository for all these items, with sort and search functionality, extended to smart phones for on the road access, anytime.


With so many documents received, created and maintained, our mobile file management system allows users to upload any file type, assign it to a Client, Project and Category and give it a searchable title, to allow it to be quickly found, when needed. Our File management system provides a secure central storage facility for all files, fully searchable, with the ability for users to email files directly to anyone. This allows a sales person in the field to email marketing materials to a prospect as part of the sales call as opposed to waiting to get back to the office.


  • Scan important documents and paper files from your desktop.
  • Take a picture of receipts and other items for upload from a smart phone..
  • Assign files to a Client, Project and Type.
  • Search files with filters by Client, Project and Type, Or search by Title.
  • Full text search of all files
  • Easy email files from list by checkmark and adding an email address and comments.
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