To develop a system that supported management of sales leads and opportunities over the sales life cycle, tracking all information including documents, e-mails, proposals and notes with integration to the back-end production planning and staffing systems.

Need Identified

The company was a consulting firm providing a variety of consulting services to Fortune 500 companies. The sales cycle ranged between 3 and 6 months and involved separate people processing leads, tracking qualified opportunities, staffing engagements and managing the implementations. The Company needed to automate this system and provide up-to-date reports on sales status.


We developed a system that tracks leads until qualified by the “Lead Generator.” Once qualified leads are transferred to the sales representative, the system supports the sales person in setting up meetings and callbacks, creating and updating notes, and tracking the opportunity over the seven steps in their sales process. The system also integrates with the staffing system to allow staffing personnel to view upcoming engagements to appropriately plan for the engagement. Information is then fed back to the sales system, allowing sales people to review the consultants being assigned. Finally, the system provides management reports for opportunity and sales tracking.


  • Reduced effort required to transfer and track sales information between
  • responsible parties during the different phases of the sale.
  • Central storage of all information associated with an opportunity, with distributed authoring of information.
  • Integration with e-mail and calendaring to track sales appointments, calls and meetings in the same calendar as other non-sales related activities.
  • Management access to the status of leads and opportunities in the sales funnel, including revenue projects and forecasting reports.
  • Integration with staffing system for single point of data entry, sped up communication and reduction of errors.


Implementation of this system required 45 days of development and testing time.

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