sales-trackingLotus Notes/Domino is great for displaying documents in views in a variety of sorts, especially when it comes to sales force automation. The activities for each contact are easily stored in notes documents and linked to the corresponding contact and/or opportunity. This makes reporting and tracking the activity on Contacts and opportunities a snap in Notes. However, Most sales are lost because of a lack of activity. For an international company we developed a series of Exception (or Inactivity) reports. These reports are sorted by sales person and list all their hot prospects they have NOT contacted in the last 30 days. No calls, no emails (in or out), no meetings, no communication whatsoever, on a hot prospect usually results in a lost opportunity. The reports are sent to each sales person via email and contain pertinent information about the company, the key (or important) contacts and the most recent contact date (outside the last 30 days).

Sales people thrive on activity and good sales people usually don’t need help on the things they do. They just need help on keeping track of the things they don’t do. Exception reporting is key in these times of decreased economic activity.

“We used a series of reports that came with our sales force automation package showing us how many calls, emails, letters etc. each sales person was doing. The numbers did not seem to mean much since some people were contacting some prospects multiple times and totally ignoring others, yet their overall numbers looked fine. With these Exception reports from Kolaco, we can quickly and easily zero in on the inactivity and mobilize efforts accordingly. Our hit ratio has increased over the last few months from redirecting our efforts on these missed targets. Thanks Kolaco!”

Director of Sales, Fortune 200 Company

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