Employees need a way to be evaluated at least annually based on criteria specific to their job responsibilities with the results being objective to allow a fair comparison with others from different discipines, to determine salary increases and bonuses.

Need Identified

A formal performance evaluation process is needed to provide a method of fairly evaluating and grading employees so merit increases are justified objectively, instead of subjectively. This appraisal process needs to include input from the employee as well as the manager and in some cases, the manager’s manager.


The Kolaco Performance Appraisal Solution has a series of predefined questions and criteria by job title so everyone with the same job title gets evaluated against the same criteria. Each different job description has relevant questions and criteria specific to the job responsibilities. Some job titles have over 100 questions while others have as few as 30 questions. Regardless, the calculation is based on the total number of questions for that position and results in a numerical grade. These grades are then used by the management team to allocate bonuses and salary merit increases.

The employee starts the process by answer all questions with the ability to add comments on each question to explain their rating. Upon completion the employee forwards the appraisal to his manager for approval. The Manager then first reviews the employee without seeing the responses of the employee. After the Manager has completed his evaluation, he can then see the employee’s rating. The system then allows for the scheduling of a review meeting between the Employee and the manager. After the meeting the Employee can review their ratings and sign off. The sign off button notifies the manager, who then can proceed to sign off.

Reporting exists to track the status of the completion of performance reviews annually. No manager may receive their bonus or merit increase unless all employees underneath them have been completed and signed off.


  • Objective System of evaluating performance.
  • Flexibility in evaluation questions both in number and actual criteria.
  • Workflow enabled.
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