Kolaco’s Network Services Division offers a full range of Infrastructure and Network Services in addition to its applications services. We believe that to get the most out of your technology and application solutions the infrastructure and communication vehicles must be optimized for peak performance. An application that is designed to save the company millions of dollars in productivity, will end up costing the company if no one uses it because the architecture of the network, or application inaccessible due to poor design or implementation.

Our specialization in infrastructure and messaging compliments our strength of application design and development, and web enabled data integration solutions. This enhances our value to our customers. Kolaco can provide the full spectrum of services to appropriately design, develop, deploy and support departmental and enterprise solutions.

At Kolaco, we pride ourselves on providing services and solutions that are a cut above. We invite you to experience the difference. Start saving money today – reducing processing costs and time making sure that your applications are optimized on the proper network architecture.

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