Kolaco provides services and solutions for a wide range of industries and many of its products work across a lot of industries. For example, our Meeting Minutes and action item tracking system works in any company that has meetings with a need to follow up on the resultant action items. However, we have extensive experience in the following industries which we have delivered high value solutions over the past 17 years.


We have built a full range of products and solutions that help a construction company squeeze more margin to the bottom line.  From Construction Project Management, HR Employee Development, Performance Appraisals, Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Legal Contracts Review, Prospect Tracking and Risk Assessment, Timesheets, Budgeting/Forecasting, Billing, Meeting Minutes and Dashboard Reporting.
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Insurance is by definition a paper intensive and forms intensive industry. From the mid 90’s we started with developing an on line application form – first in its industry, then built an agency intranet for managing the mountain of paper processed daily about policy changes, cover updates, rating changes, etc. that were made searchable and accessible via the intranet.

High Technology

We have worked with a wide range of high technology clients delivery many different products. Our products installed in these clients include a skills tracking system for consultants, software project tracking systems, Help desks, IT Change Management, and new user requests and set up systems. High technology needs to automate their internal systems even more than other companies since they have to operate with utmost efficiency.

Non Profit

Non Profit Companies usually operate with some volunteers and limited budgets. This results in volunteers spending more time and money on things that should be automated. We have provided automation for many non profit companies and organizations including forms processing, student management and communication, sports league management – registration and scheduling, and file organization.

Today’s manufacturing generally includes some customized development of products, which require a build list or job ticket. This requires an order to be created and then components to be selected on a job order form to create the order ticket. These tickets then get marched through the production cycle until completed and shipped out. Automating the inventory parts list and development prefabbed standard configurations speeds up the order creation and ultimately the product delivery. Faster delivery results in lower cost and therefore higher profits.

Professional Services

Professional service firms have employees as their most valuable resource. Scheduling these consultants to clients, minimizing downtime and maximizing utilization is key to success. Our scheduling systems streamline that process so a snapshot of holes in the schedule can easily be identified. We also have to have a solid consulting hiring and interviewing process, coupled with a skills assessment, skills inventory and skills development system.

SMB Companies

Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) have to act like big companies to effectively compete and they cannot do that without taking advantage of automation. The benefit to SMB companies is that automating a process does not require a committee and months of meetings.  However, the budget is often the most sensitive component and barrier to growth. Our systems help these SMB companies with Time and Expense Management, Central files storage, on line customer service centers, sales tracking and CRM systems.
Kolaco provides additional value added to these SMB companies as we apply our years of working with hundreds of companies to help them take advantage of that knowledge base.

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