Create a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for 180 users that addresses the company’s unique sales process and industry, at a cost that is less than available SaaS systems.


The company operated in the Construction industry where the lead management and prospect tracking system is not generic for off the shelf SaaS applications. The cost of customizing the SaaS systems plus annual maintenance fees, made it cost prohibitive. Additionally there is a need to integrate the data with the corporate ERP system.


The result was a web based mobile ready CRM application where users can access from 8 different countries, using a customized risk assessment process, with a long list of custom reports including Hit Ratio Reports by Region, by Industry, by Line of business and risk analysis and forecasting reports, bid calendaring – showing timing of walk thrus, Presentation dates, proposals due, etc. Users can hone in quickly on their contacts and prospects and quickly follow up and record changes from any device, while managers and senior management has access to high level dashboard reporting to do forecasting, budgeting and planning.

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