To simplify the creation and tracking of all documents related to a number of different projects, to facilitate access, retrieval and collaboration by both internal company personnel and project related subcontractors and partners.

Need Identified

The company, with over 300 concurrent projects utilizing up to 30 subcontractors on each project, needed a way to manage the hundreds of documents created during the project implementation processing, including Requests for Information (RFI), Transmittals, Submittals, Meeting Minutes, Action Items and other forms. The existing system was entirely paper, where each document created was completed manually and faxed or mailed to each project participant. Each party was then responsible for maintaining their own file system to track these documents throughout the course of the project. The paper system was prone to errors, lost documents, improper distribution and heavy administrative time to maintain appropriate files. The company needed a system that simplified the creation, storage and retrieval of these documents, while implementing a security model that allowed the people to access (see) only documents that pertain to jobs in which they are a participant.


Kolaco developed a system to provide on-line creation, editing, routing and access to the company’s own project related forms. This system allows the user access to a secure web site, where the home page presents the user with a list of all projects they are a participant in, and a list of all new documents or documents with actions due today across all their projects. By clicking on a link on the home page, the user is sent into the project specific web site, where all documents pertain only to the current project. Each document created can be saved as “Draft” and is not mailed to targeted recipients until the creator chooses to Finalize the document. The system uses a master contact database that stores all contacts across all projects and uses a project profile document where all project participants are identified. These pre-identified contacts and team members are used as defaults for all document security access settings and workflow routing distributions. The system includes an elaborate meeting minutes tracking system that allows in the individual tracking each meeting minute action item and continues to display open items on all subsequent meetings until such time as it is marked closed.

RFI’s included an elaborate “Ball in court” functionality where it was routed to the next person in the list based on the type of request, status of request and specifics.


  • Reduced time and cost to process forms.
  • Standardization of all project related forms.
  • Increased communication with project subcontractors and vendors.
  • Messaging integration increased tracking and managing of all project documents.
  • Reduced time to complete form from available drop downs and pre-filled project information.
  • Improved Corporate image of taking advantage of technology.
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