To reduce the cost associated with processing applications for smaller, low risk customers.

Need Identified

The company was processing small, lower risk firms using the same process as larger, higher risk firms requiring special underwriting attention. The data-gathering and underwriting of these accounts required an interactive process between the sales agent, underwriter and customer, which could take from several days to weeks to complete. However, since the revenue generated from the smaller lower risk firms was small, the cost to process these applications was not proportional to the revenue. The Company needed to reduce the costs associated with these smaller firms, while maintaining the perception of face-to-face service.


We developed an Internet application which qualified smaller firms could complete and submit over the web. To assure only qualified firms submitted applications, we developed a pre-qualification checklist. The system would analyze the responses to this checklist and determine whether they qualified or not. If they qualified, they were presented with the application and prompted to continue. If they did not qualify, they were presented with a notice to that effect and an option to return to the company’s home page.

The application contained validations to assure that all required information was completed and that the correct data types were provided in each field. Additionally, if the answers to the application indicated a need for additional information in certain areas, upon submission, the user would be presented with an addendum requesting the appropriate additional information. If no additional information was required, they would be presented with a notice indicating the name of the agent that would be calling them.

The company’s policy was for an agent to respond within 24 hours of application submission. The application also contained a log section to track the history of application processing following submission.


  • Reduced time and cost to process applications.
  • On-line form and history reduced paper used in processing these applications
  • Validations reduced the number of errors and incorrect information submitted.
  • Messaging integration prompted agents to uphold the 24- hour response policy.
  • Customers could complete applications during non-business hours.
  • Industry recognition for effective use of information technology.
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