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Advisory Services

Whether enterprise or start up companies, we specialize in business planning and strategic direction services. Should you build a product you have in mind?  Let us walk you through the comprehensive through process to make sure you have addressed all the issues before you invest too much time and effort.  We make sure that your product concept is sound, you can identify and articulate your niche, your field is not full of similar competitors and your financial model makes sense.  We can build or refine your investor slide deck to be direct and on point.

Construction Services

We have built a full range of products and solutions that help a construction company squeeze more margin to the bottom line.  From Construction Project Management, HR Employee Development, Performance Appraisals, Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Legal Contracts Review, Prospect Tracking and Risk Assessment, Timesheets, Budgeting/Forecasting, Billing, Meeting Minutes and Dashboard Reporting.

IBM Collaboration Solutions (Lotus Notes/Domino)

Our Notes and Domino Development and Administrative services are ready to help you leverage your investment, maximize your Return on Investment and improve productivity. Lotus Notes and Domino (Web applications running Notes Applications) is still a very powerful solution, despite what is popular.  If you have already invested money into Notes and Domino, we can customize your applications to maximize your return on that investment.  We are experts at building great looking, award winning web applications running on Lotus Notes and Domino, including ecommerce applications.  We can support your current applications, make minor fixes and upgrades that make your entire organization more productive and happier.  Mail migrations are common and need to be done with developer and network experience.

Business Solutions

Cutting through the complexity of running a business in today’s fast changing environment to uncover the core business problems, we develop practical, relevant and highly actionable solutions that drive results.  We have been recognized for our award winning products and solutions specifically addressing business needs that result in improved productivity, better customer service or faster/increased sales. We have industry specific expertise in Construction, Retail, High Technology, Professional Services, Insurance and Non-profit organizations.  Understanding the industry’s challenges is key in developing solutions for success.

Presentation Training and Motivational Speaking

Delivering an effective message requires making an emotional connection with the audience.  Creating this connection and then using that to support your theme is critical in getting the audience to act or respond appropriately.  Whether you need us to help prepare your presenters to speak, or you hire us to make presentations to your group or facilitate group meetings, we will work with you to make sure you obtain the outcome you desire.

Responsive Web Design

At first, you just needed to have a website. Then you had to provide value and demonstrate your expertise, next you had to provide social media hooks to draw in your target audience, but now you website has to be fully responsive – accessible from a desktop or a smartphone, without sacrificing content or functionality.  When Google changed its algorithm to rank mobile friendly sites higher than non-mobile friendly and ranking Companies with 2 separate sites less than Companies with one site that is fully responsive, it became imperative to have a Responsive website.  The challenge is providing the same functionality on smartphone as a desktop.  We are experts in creating web based applications to create astounding web sites compatible with any computer and mobile device.

Mobile Application Development

Creating a fully responsive website with full functionality that operations on the phone just like the website is a big first step.  However, an important next step, is the proliferation of your application to the masses, and this has to be done through PlayStore (for Android) or the AppleStore (of iPhone).

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