Kolaco creates award winning products and solutions that solve specific problems in organizations that generally improve productivity, enhance customer service, reduce costs or increase revenues. We approach every project with our management consultant hat on first, analyzing the big picture, corporate initiatives and then the issue at hand. We make sure we consider the implications of the various stakeholders as well as departments and divisions that may be affected. Kolaco products and solutions attempt to improve the entire organization, beyond what was listed in the request for proposal.

Our products are refined and polished and made available as ready to use products, completely configurable for each customer. Other solutions are used as a foundation for development of custom solutions, thereby reducing the cost of development.

Our ecommerce product, Xpressite, was a finalist in IBM’s Excellence in Innovations Award. Our meeting minutes and action item product was awarded productivity tool of the year for 2 years in a row by Advisor Magazine. What makes an award winning product is the way it approaches the problem that it solves. Instead of providing a generic run-of-the-mill functional product, it addresses specifics that are not readily available in competing products. This comes from years of analyzing company workflow and business processes and optimizing a solution accordingly.

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