Mastering your Presentations

Mastering your speaking skills and your presentations are key to your success whether in front a group of hundreds, small groups or one on one.  You need a message that connects with your audience getting them to want you to “Tell me more” about what you do and what you have to offer.  Master that process and see results change.  Our “Tell me more!” workshops and executive coaching sessions focus on your delivery of the message so when you speak, you are remembered and your audience acts on your recommendation:

  1. Define your objective for your presentation
  2. Build your theme and hierarchy of content
  3. Structure your story to frame your theme
  4. Create Professional looking supporting materials & slides (PowerPoint, etc.)
  5. Learn the effective speaking techniques
  6. Practice, Practice, Practice

Whether you intend to be inspirational or motivational, you will learn skills to get your audience energized and prepared for action.

“Tell me more” Workshops

Tell me more! workshops and coaching sessions teach the techniques of connecting with each and every person in the audience, drawing them in to your message, and effectively delivering your message.  This requires a developing great looking slides, having relevant, interesting content, and being able to deliver the message with conviction and authority.

Whether you do a one minute introduction, a one hour presentation or a multi day event, “Tell me more!” workshops will make you a more effective presenter.


A typical user experience at a “Tell me more!” workshop is a transformation from a person fearful of standing in front of an audience waiting for its completion, to looking forward to educating the audience, connecting with them, having fun and being satisfied upon its completion.

“Speaking in front of a group, from fearful to fun in one workshop. “

“Working with our entire management team, the workshop improved our total scores from the audience, significantly.  The energy and consistency across all of our presenters improved making it more enjoyable for all involved.”

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