Newsletter eBlasts

The Xpressite eNewsletter module allows companies to quickly create rich text emails and send an email in MIME (Multiple Internet Mail Extensions) format to a list of internet email addresses. As an add-on module to Xpressite, the creation of the rich text email is simplified. Instead of creating an HTML page with a web-editing tool and merging it with an email list, Xpressite’s eNewsletter module can create the HTML for you from pages on your site. With Xpressite, the sender selects options from a drop down list, finds the pages on the website they want summarized in the eNewsletter, selects the distribution filter, and then clicks send. Xpressite does all the work. It gets the selected pages, formats the email, adds page titles, adds summaries of each page to be included, and provides a link back to the website for more information.

“When we discovered that some companies spend several days just formatting their email newsletters and then having to merge them into another program for sending, we realized there was an opportunity for us to further save our clients time and money. Keeping in contact with your customers and prospects is an important aspect of any online strategy, and making it easy for our clients to implement a successful strategy is what Kolaco is about.” says David Kolakowski, President and CEO of Kolaco, Inc. Each time a newsletter is sent out to a contact it is recorded as an activity back on the contact included with the other interactive activities records.