Web Content Manager

Xpressite is an easy-to-use website management system that will improve your site, expand your business, and enhance your customer service. Adding more dynamic with Xpressite allows you to control the changes to your website while reducing the cost for site updates. Xpressite has built-in intelligence that streamlines every action associated with website maintenance. For successful e-business websites, Xpressite is the smartest choice.

Xpressite is designed to be used by people who have zero technical experience. If the person responsible for updating the web site does not want to wait for outsourced consultants or an overburdened IT departments to process the changes, then Xpressite is the answer. Xpressite customers have gone from sites where a few updates a month were possible, to making several hundred updates per month with no incurred cost. The customers can use Xpressite and make the change themselves so it takes less time rather than it taking longer for the content manager to create a web site.

LotusAwardWith over 10,000 entries, Xpressite ecommerce was a finalist in the IBM Annual Awards for Excellence in Innovations. ┬áThe creativity of the system resulted in the chief evaluator saying “I have never seen anything like this.”

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