TrackMeet, a meeting minutes tracking system from Kolaco, Inc., streamlines the process of storing, maintaining, retrieving minutes, and action items from the numerous meetings that occur throughout a company. Often, great ideas that emanate from meetings are lost due to lack of adequate follow up.

TrackMeet is designed to simplify the organization and distribution of the minutes. It also provides a mechanism to assure that all those great ideas do not get forgotten or lost.

Multiple Meeting Categories

With TrackMeet, you can track different types of meeting minutes (Examples: staff, management, IT, HR, etc.) so your users only have to go to one place to retrieve all their minutes.

Topic Organization of Minutes

TrackMeet requires that each minute be assigned to a topic, so when the minutes are finalized all like items are grouped together. Topics can be added on-the-fly and ordered in any way.

Action Item Tracking

An action item is one type of minute, and a very powerful one. Marking a minute as an action item requires responsibility and a due date. It will display in the action item tracking

Housekeeping (Action Item Follow up)

Action items identified in one meeting automatically show up in the housekeeping section of subsequent meetings. These items will continue to show up until they are marked “closed” by the minutes scribe. This assures that action items are not forgotten and increases the likelihood of completion.

Personal Action Item Managementtrackmeet-tracking

Each person can view their list of action items across all the different types of meetings they have attended. Users can edit the personal status of each action item to allow them to separate open and closed items for personal action item management.

AvisorAwardFor two years in a row, TrackMeet – Meeting minutes and action item tracking system, received recognition for Productivity Tool of  the Year.

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