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Being responsive to customer inquiries goes a long way towards providing high quality customer service, and being unreachable and nonresponsive are sure ways to score poorly on customer satisfaction surveys. The Kolaco Customer Support Center was designed with the customer in mind. Customers can log in to the support web site, record an incident and track it through the resolution process. The system is equipped with a sophisticated workflow and notification system so that new requests are acting on immediately and resolution is assured. Additional features are as follows:

  • Triage person for notification of all new incidents and assignment of resolution.
  • Complete tracking log so the requestor can see when it was created, triaged (assigned), reassigned, marked, completed and closed
  • Dynamic assignment of tasks based upon predefined user names and keywords.
  • Dynamic creation of sequential tracking numbers based on the type of incident reported.
  • Graphically professional and pleasing interface built for optimum download and functionality.
  • Responsive Design to accommodate multiple points of access.
  • Detailed Statistics and Reports to analyze areas for improvement.

The System is simple because providing good customer service should be easy. The difficult part of following up, tracking and reporting are satisfied with this system. Using the Kolaco Customer Service Center allows you to get closer to your customers so you can provide them with better service.

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