ExExpense Personal – Expense Reporting Application

ExExpense Personal is a secure online expense reporting and management tool that allows users that need need to track expenses and documents a comprehensive solution.

How it works – Expenses

  • Users upload an expense with their smart phone by taking a picture, or scanning it from their computer.
  • Assign the Expense to a Client, Project and Expense Category.
  • Add any related Travel costs associated with Expense (eg., mileage, parking, tolls, etc.) Note: Travel expenses to and from the doctor office are deductible as Medical expenses, so track them when you add the medical expense.
  • Monthly the system can automatically create an Excel summary spreadsheet of all your expenses, then prompts you for an email for sending, and emails the spreadsheet and all supporting receipts to that email, quickly and easily.
  • Filter by Client, Project, Year, Month, Expense Category and create Excel Reports for your selected filters.

How it works – File Library

  • Users upload a file and assigns it to a Category and enters a description.
  • Checkboxes in the File Cabinet list allow users to check files for sending, then emails them to an email address entered.
  • Great for storing marketing materials so you can send them from your phone.
  • Use for product warranties and other documents you normally file.

ExExpense Family – Shared Expense Management for Divorced Couples

ExExpense is a secure online expense management tool that solves a critical problems for todays divided households. Some examples are managing the expenses and tracking reimbursements between parties with minimal conflict.

How it works

  • The system is set up to accommodate each separated couple’s sharing percentage particulars.
  • Either party logs in and enters payments made that need to be reimbursed.
  • Each party’s share is automatically calculated and maintained in the Expense Summary
  • The Totals due are maintained in the Summary report so amounts owed/due are always up to date
  • As Reimbursements are made they are posted and included in the amounts owed summaries.

For more information and details, please visit the product page here.

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