Providing innovative strategies and solutions to our clients that improve employee productivity, reduce operating costs, respond more quickly to customer needs and increase revenues, using solutions that can adapt to changing market forces. Focusing effort on improving employee productivity is paramount — if your employees can do their jobs faster, they can spend more time selling and providing customer service. Using a collection of employee productivity products we deliver value quickly and cost effectively. Our people are committed to being the best in the industry and possess qualities of honesty, integrity and a strong desire for client satisfaction. We stress personal development including training, mentoring and a company culture that inspires growth and prosperity not only for our employees, but our clients’ employees, management and shareholders.

The Kolaco Methodology!

Kolaco uses a unique development methodology for streamlining the project planning cycle, developing realistic implementation plans, and tracking and reporting progress—on time and on budget. Our clients are involved in system development at every stage, from upfront planning to definition and online monitoring of the project plan. Our broad experience and skills in business and technology are our greatest asset and our clients’ greatest benefits.

The heart of Kolaco’s development methodology is our focus on communication and business process understanding. Our development approach includes:

Client evaluation.

We work with clients who are committed to developing a sustainable competitive advantage through technology. Our clients recognize the benefits of integrating workflow automation, messaging, and legacy databases with the Web. Continuous client involvement, review, and approval of this integration, throughout the project, is the cornerstone of our development process.

Business understanding and industry knowledge

Our broad range of business expertise spans multiple industries and business functions—a key factor in ensuring value-added solutions – from initial planning through final system implementation. We analyze current and future technology needs for all key departments and systems, and base our solutions on short- and long-range client-identified priorities. We focus on industries where we have extensive business and technical expertise.

Planning methodology

Because every company is different, we analyze all aspects of the project in detail to ensure that relevant issues are considered, discussed, and effectively addressed—without surprises, delays, or cost overruns. Among the topics covered in our comprehensive planning framework are:

  • Solution objectives,
  • Critical success factors,
  • User needs,
  • Key elements of system functionality,
  • Access and security requirements,
  • Integration with existing systems,
  • Workflow support,
  • Management reporting.

The result of our methodology is consistently high quality in all of our solutions.

Implementation plan.

We identify deliverables, milestones, and key resources from both Kolaco and the client to provide a clear implementation plan. This approach ensures that all parties know what will happen during the project, when it will happen, and who is responsible for making it happen.

Online project tracking and status reporting.

Our secure online project management and information-sharing system improves real-time communication and project management at every stage of the project. Working through Kolaco’s web site, clients can access project documents and status reports, enter in new requirements for future updates, enter defects during the testing stage, create change orders, monitor in-process testing, raise questions, access previous meeting minutes and action items, make suggestions, and request additional services online. The system is also a watchdog for all users – once they log in they are presented with a list of all their action items, requests and other outstanding issues that required their specific attention. This interactive approach minimizes project delays and ensures an effective response to client concerns.


We provide customized training and support to ensure full user understanding and effective use of new systems and applications. Where appropriate, we also provide training for client technical resources responsible for maintaining the system once delivered.

Client Acceptance and Sign off.

The final stage of our methodology is a review of the final delivered system compared with initial project goals, critical success factors, initial specification and authorized in-process change orders. Kolaco works hard to ensure complete satisfaction with the solution delivered.

It is by providing experts who lead projects following the above methodology that we are confident in achieving high client satisfaction in every engagement.

By providing experts who lead projects through the above methodology, we can achieve high client satisfaction in every engagement. At Kolaco, we pride ourselves on providing services and solutions that are a cut above. We invite you to experience the difference. Start saving money today – reducing processing costs and time making sure that your applications are optimized on the proper network architecture.


David Kolakowski, President/CEO

Creating Strategic Business Value Through Technology

Today’s technologies are supposed to make doing business easier. Companies set business goals and objectives and their systems need to support their drive to accomplish these goals. Kolaco makes it happen, with solutions that leverage today’s technology investments to meet tomorrow’s needs. Our integrated, cost-effective solutions have the power and flexibility to transform business operations so companies can deliver better products at lower cost and increase customer satisfaction, with the flexibility to adapt to rapid technological and market changes.

The Kolaco Difference

Kolaco products and solutions are designed from a business perspective. Our chief architect has over twenty years of real-world business expertise, analyzing workflow and business processes in hundreds of companies. Our clients depend on us to evaluate their current business processes and to provide solutions that improve these processes as a primary component of the technology solutions we deliver. We believe that technology systems designed by business experts better meets corporate objectives and are superior to systems designed by technicians with less business acumen. We understand that for our developers to truly understand the user perspective, they must be users of technology themselves. The Result: Systems End-users want to use!

Kolaco Solutions

Kolaco’s people are industry-leading experts with experience in creating innovative, collaborative solutions. We offer a unique development methodology, customized training, and a total commitment to on-time, on-budget delivery. Our solutions often start with one of the Kolaco products or product frameworks.

At Kolaco, we’re building intranet and internet solutions that create a sustainable competitive advantage in today’s demanding, fast-changing environment. Our business is efficiency through technology!

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