Kolaco’s Construction Services

For almost 20 years, Kolaco has been solving business problems and challenges for the construction industry, redesigning business processes, applying technology with a positive impact on the operations, sales and profitability.  Our strong knowledge of the Construction Industry allows us to quickly analyze processes, identify improvements and manage their implementation.

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Kolaco has been working with Construction clients for almost 20 years. Our consulting solutions and recommendations are founded on sound business and operational principals from reviewing hundreds of processes of other similar and dissimilar companies and industries, to arrive at the optimum solution for each Client.  This emanates from our founder, David Kolakowski, wtih a foundation as a CPA for one of the largest accounting firms in the world, headquartered in the New York Tri State area, and an active member of the Construction Industry Expertise sector.

David continued expanding his experience in the construction industry working at DPIC Companies – a provider of professional liability insurance and risk management services for Architects, Engineers, Accountants and Lawyers – where he expanding the loss prevention education programs to help the industry reduce risks of loss.

A sampling of construction applications follow:

  • Project Management: On line project management system including RFIs, Submittals, Tasks, Files, Messaging and workflow, hierarchical security, Bid Management, Calendaring and Scheduling.
  • Meeting Minutes: Record Minute Items with automatic tracking & follow up for Action Items.
  • Xpressite: Advanced website content manager designed with workflow and automatic cataloging and expiration of date sensitive pages, fully responsive, image intensive.
  • Human Resources: Employee requisitioning, interviewing and offering tracking
  • Dashboard Reporting: Summary and High level overview of key performance indicators with supporting detail functionality.
  • Manufacturing: Inventory management and ordering fulfillment
  • CRM: Contact Management and prospect tracking systems, including risk analysis and approval, workflow, reporting and forecasting.
  • Career Development: System to help employees plot a career path, identify necessary training classes, and sign up for and track progress.
  • Performance Review: Evaluating employees against a predetermined set of criteria eliminates bias and assures consistency, while providing an objective comparison for salary increases and bonuses.
  • Timesheets: Web based system for entering time cards, using Project #’s from the ERP System, employee #’s from the HR system, including workflow and approval processing, and integration (transfer to) the ERP system for billing and accounting.
  • Business Strategy: High level planning system to identify strategic initiatives, supporting Initiatives and tasks to be executed and monitored.
David Kolakowski served the Construction industry during his tenure in accounting and auditing and performed the following:
  • Annual Audits and Reviews
  • Initial Public Offerings and Annual SEC Filings
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Job Costing Projects
  • Site Visits
  • Joint Venture and Partnership Agreements
  • Internal Control Review and Consulting
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