“A Company experiences success when it has happy clients and their employees enjoy doing their job!”

Problem - to Prototype or not

Kolaco, Inc. was founded in 1999 as an IT and Business Consulting firm to assist our clients in resolving the disconnect between the Business objectives and the technology being delivered. Through our unique approach, we gather a thorough understanding of the business goals and objectives with senior management before we tackle the technology issues of the organization. This assures that the technology solutions are in step with the future direction of the Company.


Flexibility and Responsiveness is key, whether it is in dealing with customer issues on a daily basis or in reaction to shifts in the market or technology changes. Being prepared and being able to respond quickly to not only survive these shifts but be able to capitalize on missteps by your competitors is crucial.  Our solutions are built to be flexible, built to be quickly modified and built to keep you a leader in the industry.  Be prepared for the next set of disruptive technology inventions.


Companies have a wide range of resources and technology that work together to accomplish commons goal, mainly profitability. Profitability is most likely achieved by delivering a product or service the creates happy clients with employees that enjoy doing their job.  Systems and resources need to optimize both the employee’s and the customers’ experiences.  Does the catalyst exist to rearrange your resources to facilitate a new level or growth and a new set of happy clients? Let us help you get there.


Our principal has extensive financial and operational experience in a wide range of industries. The more we work with our clients, the more we understand their evolving needs and the opportunities and challenges they are facing.  We apply our diverse experience to develop situationally appropriate solutions that address specific needs at the right cost.  We are not only a vendor but an important partner that helps our clients grow.

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