What is After5Specials ?

After5Specials is an online portal for the public to find restaurant and bar specials by location by day.  This is a more cost effective way for restaurants to publish specials to attract new customers than the alternatives. This comprehensive listing makes it faster for the end user to quickly review the available deals for each day and zero in on their destination.  They simply pick an area (eg., Asbury Park), select the day (e.g, Friday) and then view the available selections.  Hot links inside the listing initiate driving directions automatically or dial the restaurant to make a reservation.
Fun seekers no longer have to search the internet and read each website looking for the best place to go.  Just like travelers don’t go to each and every airline and hotel website to find the best deals, users need a ‘Priceline’ like destination for food and drinks. Currently, the largest block of users is the 45-55 age group.

Restaurant Owners
Restaurants can set up their standard weekly specials for each day AND they can post each day’s dinner and entertainment specials.  You can updated it as often as you want, and it is as easy as sending an email.This is a lower cost solution to reach more customers (and potential customers) than traditional print advertising, and will generate much more traffic on any given day than on the individual restaurant websites.

Restaurant review and listing sites just provide a listing of the restaurants but require the end user to click on each site to try to figure out what specials are available, and most restaurants won’t update their daily specials on their website.

After5Specials truly is a service for anyone that eats, drinks or enjoys entertainment.